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Julieta M

My husband and I chose to send both our girls to Pilgrim Preschool.  The school provided a safe and fun learning environment for children to learn to interact with their peers and build a foundation that will carry them throughout their education. The small student/teacher ratio provided the discipline, confidence and independence they require to make a smooth transition to elementary school. Finally, the friendships that my girls and I developed, will forever be cherished.


Julie S

Pilgrim Preschool, and its wonderful teachers, provided Alex with a loving, nurturing and stimulating pre-school environment. It was at Pilgrim where Alex first learned to love going to school. They made learning so much fun for the children, and his love of learning continues thanks to these positive first experiences.  He also made precious friends, many of whom are still in his class years later. We could not have been happier with Alex's time spent at Pilgrim Preschool School and do not hesitate to recommend Pilgrim at every opportunity.


Oanh W

My son loved going to Pilgrim.  The staff provided a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for him while developing his social skills and confidence, in addition to preparing him academically for Pre-K. Pilgrim made my son's first school experience a truly memorable one.


Annie P

Pilgrim Preschool is like the sweet neighborhood preschool you always imagined for your kids.  Classrooms are full of artwork, children play at tables filled with water or oats, and the community comes together for traditions that go back many years such as the Thanksgiving feast and the Pilgrim Olympics. It's small enough that every teacher in the school knows your child's name but big enough to have a wonderful outdoor garden, a large playground and wonderful additions to enrich the curriculum such as Spanish and yoga.  My children left Pilgrim well prepared for their next school experience and with many friends, both fellow students and teachers, that are still in their lives. 


Cheryl E-B

Pilgrim Preschool is without a doubt an amazing place! Both our boys have/are gaining so much from their time at Pilgrim - friendships, social skills, confidence and learning through fun. Our kids happily run into their classroom every morning with a big smile on their face.  I know it is because of the fantastic staff at Pilgrim who spend a huge amount of time, energy and inspiration into making every day a great day for the kids. The teachers really know each child and are friendly and approachable. We couldn't be happier with our choice for the kids first "school" experience.


Alicia H

I could not be happier with the decision I made to place my two children in the care of Pilgrim Preschool.  During their time at the preschool, my children felt loved, safe, stimulated, engaged, and proud of themselves and their accomplishments.  They learned music, art, yoga, Spanish, and of course the basics of math and language arts.  They learned invaluable socialization skills, problem-solving skills, and independent thinking skills, and gained an enthusiasm for exploration and learning that will carry them well beyond their school years.   My children left Pilgrim feeling confident and well-prepared for kindergarten and the world beyond.  I could not have asked for more.  A thousand thank-yous to the Pilgrim Staff.



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